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Since the late ‘80s, the Legion and Regnum Christi have been constantly growing in France. After establishing a community of apostolate in Paris, they founded an apostolic school in Méry sur Marne in 1996.
In 1985, Father Pierre Gouraud, LC, began working apostolically in France to prepare the way for new foundations. In July of 1988, Father Pierre and Héctor Bracho, a consecrated man of Regnum Christi, moved to France to begin forming Regnum Christi groups. By the end of that year, Regnum Christi had a center for reflection, prayer, and study in Lourdes which was already being frequented by Movement members from Paris, Lyons, Versailles, and Monaco. During the same year, three young Frenchmen joined the novitiate of Salamanca, Spain.

From the start, they organized youth camps. Their contact with the families led many boys to want to follow a priestly vocation. Thus, in 1996, the apostolic school was founded in Méry sur Marne (in the diocese of Meaux, east of Paris).

The Legion of Christ established its first center for apostolate in Paris after the 1997 World Youth Day, which took place in Paris. In September of 1999, Cardinal Lustiger, the archbishop of Paris, entrusted the Legionaries with the direction of Chantier, a school in a popular neighborhood of Paris, work in the provinces continued, mainly with ECYD members in Rennes, Lyons, Bordeaux, Lille, and Tours. The camps organized during the school year (foreign language camps in England, pilgrimages to Rome, ski camps in February) and in the summer (in the Alps, Pyrenees, in Brittany) allowed them to offer an excellent formation to the youth. The adult sections of those cities also grew; in Roubaix, near Lille, they established a center dedicated to the integral formation of the family and of the youth.

In the past few years, they have been opening and consolidating Regnum Christi apostolates such as Youth for the Third Millennium (now known as Mission Youth) with missions to Lebanon and Mexico; DIF (Integral Development of the Family), with a center in Lille, CEFID (Center for Long-distance Formation); GE (Business Generation), to imbue the world of business with Christian ethics; NET (New Evangelization of the Third Millennium; clubs and camps for adolescents from the international CYWN network; and Sacerdos, which offers annual spiritual exercises for diocesan priests.

While developing these apostolates, the Legion seeks to work with the local churches in the task of the New Evangelization. This reality can be seen in the DIF meetings or in the Génération Jean-Paul II, a program for young men and women who want to live their faith counter-culturally, in the spirit of John Paul II.

The Regnum Christi consecrated women have a team in Boulogne-Billancourt (near the Paris gates). They work with youth in ECYD and YTM in Paris and in the provinces. They also work with women in the Femme Universelle program, which is an offshoot of the apostolate Génération Jean Paul II, and is geared specifically to forming and apostolically launching young women. In the field of education, they have taken some steps; on March 5, 2005, they opened the first Movement-directed bilingual kindergarten in Boulogne-Billancourt.

French Catholics, sensitive to the need of helping form the future teachers and formators of seminaries, offer generous financial support to the Legion’s International Maria Mater Ecclesiae Pontfical College in Rome.

For more information, contact us at:
Légion du Christ
5, villa Molitor
75 016 Paris

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