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High School
Prayer for Vocations

For Young Men Who Want To Be Priests
The Legion´s apostolic schools worldwide aim to give young men in grades 7-12, who are really thinking about the priesthood, what they will need to discover Christ´s call and prepare for it.
Immaculate Conception Apostolic School located in Center Harbor, New Hampshire
Immaculate Conception Apostolic School located in Center Harbor, New Hampshire
  • Immaculate Conception Apostolic School, Center Harbor, New Hampshire.
  • Sacred Heart Apostolic School, Rolling Prairie, Indiana.

God’s time for each vocation is unique. Some receive his call earlier in life, others later. The Legion’s apostolic schools are a service we provide to teenagers who are seriously considering the priesthood, and to their families. Four areas of formation are covered to foster the vocation: the spiritual, intellectual, human and apostolic.

The heart of the school is friendship with Christ. We help the young men grow in their love for Jesus through prayer, along with a special devotion to Mary. Each day the students come together for morning prayers, Mass, a half-hour directed prayer, the Rosary, a ten-minute gospel reflection, Adoration of the Blesses Sacrament and Benediction, and night prayers.

The academic formation is College Preparatory level (University preparatory in Canada), with courses each year in English (and French in Canada), Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Religion, Music, Composition, Public Speaking, Latin, with the addition of Spanish and Greek in the senior years. The lay teachers are highly qualified and give personal attention to each student. Understanding and critical thinking is fostered, as well as memorization, and written and oral exercise.

Human formation and especially character formation
Sports are a part of the integral formation program
Sports are a part of the integral formation program
is key to the program. Recreation and sports include soccer, basketball, hiking, swimming; with ice hockey and skiing depending on the local climate. A spirit of responsibility is fostered through assigned tasks in the upkeep and maintenance of the school; healthy friendships are developed in teamwork, a spirit of universal charity and cheerful service to others.  Cleanliness, order, punctuality, friendliness, obedience and respect, perseverance, kindness and dependability are also valued and inculcated.

The opportunities for apostolic work depend on local conditions, and they usually include helping teach CCD, participating in running local clubs, taking care of the organization of retreats and special events at the school, and door-to-door missions.

Again, every vocation is unique. Some young men join in the seventh or eighth grade. Others have come later when they started thinking about the priesthood. Our doors are open to all, as long as the parents are in agreement with and support the school’s pedagogy and spirituality.

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An experience you will never forget
Throughout the year, we have retreats for boys and young men. They are a great chance for young men to see the school and think more deeply about their vocation, while coming closer to Christ.
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